So, let's first ask if our EV fans even know what an RX Supercar is? We have no way of knowing your answers, though we can surely say that some of us folks at InsideEVs had to look it up (and we felt rather dumb after realizing).

That's because it's super, stupid simple really. RX is an abbreviation for Rallycross, which clearly makes way too much sense, though we will say that the video didn't really let this reality on, which sorta confused the issue.

Ok, we do joke a bit, though there are Tesla Model 3 owners out there that will probably not know. It's not as if every Model 3 Performance owner these days is taking his/her car out to tackle all-terrain tracks against known and well-established beasts.

While we do post quite a bit of Tesla vs. the world racing content, we are an EV education website with a focus on promoting electric cars, so we don't pretend to know a ton about stuff like supercars, hardcore racing, all-terrain racing or even the stock market for that matter.

Sure, we like to post and share stories related to such things, as it's all part of the grand scheme of promoting EV adoption, but we aren't always really apprised of all the details.

At any rate, while the Tesla Model 3 Performance is far and away from being a solid all-terrain racer, it gets a chance here against a Hyundai i20 RX Supercar, and as you can see, this EV "streetcar" does a solid job overall.

Check out the video to see how the Tesla fares. Then, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Video Description via GRX TANECO on YouTube:

RX Supercar vs Tesla

We put our GRX Hyundai i20 Supercar on drag race strip against Tesla Model 3 Performance.

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