Volkswagen unveiled at the EV-rich 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show the 2nd model evolution of the e-up! (accompanied with its derivatives Škoda CITIGOe iV and SEAT Mii Electric), an entry-level, small city EV for four.

The new version is quite similar to the previous one, but at a significantly lower price tag of €21,975 ($24,271) before incentives (in Germany) and with a 36.8 kWh battery pack (32.3 kWh usable) for up to 260 km (162 miles) of WLTP range, it's simply a way more attractive offer.

Upgrade of the e-up! was actually a necessity these days, as competition moves forward quickly as well. Moreover, it was a good opportunity because now the e-up! is available also under Škoda and SEAT brands.

Will the new e-up! sell in significant volume? It's too early to judge, but at least it supports the outgoing Volkswagen e-Golf before the Volkswagen ID.3 comes in in mid-2020. Let's check the latest photos and videos from the show.

New Volkswagen e-up! specs:

  • 36.8 kWh battery pack (32.3 kWh usable)
  • up to 260 km (162 miles) of WLTP range
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 11.9 seconds
  • top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph)
  • front-wheel-drive
  • 61 kW and 212 Nm electric motor
  • 0-80% fast charging in 60 minutes (40 kW DC Combo 2)

Gallery: Volkswagen e-up! at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Gallery: Volkswagen e-up!

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Little money, large range The e-up!

is the ideal car for the city and commuters alike: up to 260 kilometers of practical range are possible thanks to the greater energy content of the battery. But this is by no means the only incentive to buy the car ...

Electric mobility has never been so attractive. With the new generation of its e-up!1, Volkswagen combines a long range with a low price. The attractive initial leasing rate should be particularly interesting for many customers: from September 18 to October 31, 2019, the e-up! can be leased for only 159 Euros

per month.

Space miracle with room for four people

For city dwellers and commuters, the e-up! is a real emission-free alternative to the combustion engine. Thanks to a new battery system, the agile small car scores with a significantly higher range. What’s remarkable is that despite its compact dimensions, the e-up! is an absolutely versatile car with room for four people.

The leap in range is made possible by new battery cells with significantly higher energy density. The energy content of the batteries increases from a net 18.7 to 32.3kWh. The expected consumption of 12.7kWh/100km results in a practical range of 260 kilometers. This means that the new e-up! can be comfortably used covering almost all urban daily distances.

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