Volkswagen didn't waste any time after the world-premiere of the ID.3 at IAA in Frankfurt earlier in the week, as they released the latest video of their "Now You Can" ad campaign for the soon-to-be-released electric vehicle. So technically, you really can't now, but you soon will be able to.

But be able to what? The answer in this latest video is "NOW YOU CAN experience the future". Previous ID.3 videos included: Now You Can have fun with an electric car, Now you can get affordable electric mobility, Now You Can change the way we move, and many more.  

How automakers advertise their plug-in offerings has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now, with many EV enthusiasts feeling like the EVs aren't represented well with good and clever marketing campaigns. 

You can see the whole list of "Now You Can" Volkswagen ID.3 videos by following this link. We'd like to know what you think of Volkswagen's latest push to get people interested in the upcoming ID.3. Please say so in the comment section below.


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