While Tesla Autopilot is far from perfect, and Tesla owner and YouTuber Scott Kubo readily admits this fact, it has come a long way, especially as of late. The nice thing about Tesla's semi-autonomous technology — and practically all of its tech for that matter — is that it undergoes constant incremental software updates via the automaker's over-the-air technology.

Essentially, Tesla Autopilot is continuously undergoing real-world testing as owners drive their cars. It's in Beta mode, which some people frown upon, while others tout its worth. Tesla learns from the data it gathers and then works to improve the system over time.

As you can see from the footage in the video above, Tesla vehicles on Autopilot can detect when a car cuts you off. However, up until recently, this detection may have seemed slow or unworthy. Kubo's latest footage shows definite improvements in the system. Still, it could be better for sure.

Has Tesla Autopilot saved you? What do you think of its ability to help when someone tries to cut you off? Let us know in the comment section.

Video Description via Scott Kubo on YouTube:

How Tesla Autopilot Detects Cars About to Cut You Off

Deep dive of autopilot cut-in detector which was uploaded to vehicles in early 2019. Tesla Model 3 with hardware 2.5

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