Instant electric torque saves the day.

Nobody truly needs a super-fast car, but at times like these when acceleration helps prevent a Tesla Model 3 from getting hit, instant electric torque is a savior.

The Model 3 driver in the instance is perhaps among the most alert drivers we've ever seen. As the driver sees the car behind approach at a rapid rate of speed, the Tesla driver smashes the accelerator to out-accelerate what would've likely been a crash.

Most drivers likely don't concentrate too much attention on the rearview mirror to see the car rapidly approaching from behind, but this driver is an exception. What's even more impressive is that as the Tesla races away from getting rear-ended, the driver manages to not hit a car up in front. This truly is some skilled driving right here.

Grab a look at the video and then let us honestly know in comments if you feel you could've reacted the same in the situation. Is it the power of the Model 3 that saves the day? Or is it just the skill of the driver behind the wheel?

Video description via Omega on YouTube:

I have never appreciated having an instant torque as much as this time. If I had not paid attention to my rear view mirror during this peak traffic hour, it would have been a serious crash.

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