It seems a recent SpaceX update for the Tesla Model 3 has made the car able to fly, but parking it in a garage is a bit of a hassle now. That's just a small inconvenience for being in the early access group.

Not every update works out quite as planned and this is one of them where the end result wasn't all that well thought out.

It seems a recent SpaceX over-the-air update provides the Model 3 with the ability to hover and fly (seemingly just a few select Model 3 owners got this update - maybe just one, in fact). Just take a look at the images below (complete with SpaceX badging too) and you'll see what we mean.


Though nifty, it seems there's an issue with this latest update. The problem seems to be related to parking within a garage. For some reason, a bug in the system prevents the Model 3 from lowering back down to Earth. As you might imagine, this makes parking the car in a garage a very difficult feat. The Model 3 lacks proximity sensors up top, so it's very difficult to guide the 3 into place without striking the garage door or joists above.

Regardless, early access to software updates such as this is welcomed by Tesla owners and this particular owner is willing to deal with the problem until it is solved. A trampoline an/or ladder is required for entry and exit, but that's a small price to pay to be among the only Model 3 owners in the world with this slick flying update.

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