The all-new Volkswagen ID.3, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is probably the most important Volkswagen ever.

While production is scheduled to start in November, the German manufacturer made available an almost completed ID.3 pre-production prototypes for design reviews by the way of the world premiere. Here we attached a very interesting exterior and interior walkthrough by Autogefühl, which pointed out which elements or details are not yet finished.

The ID.3 is similar in size to Golf, although as it was envisioned from the beginning, the interior is more alike of Passat, thanks to MEB-architecture with a longer wheelbase, short overhangs and no engine or middle tunnel. It should be a really spacious compact model with plenty of space in the rear even for taller people and a decent trunk (no front trunk though).

Overall, the design of the Volkswagen ID.3 stands out in a positive way, combining futuristic elements and modern trends with simplicity, for example, closed front area or aerodynamic wheel covers. Our bet is that the design will definitely not age too quickly.

Also, inside we can see how simple the dashboard is with only a handful of sleek looking buttons and two displays.

That's all for now and we are looking forward to more reviews soon.

Volkswagen ID.3 (2019)
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