It went over the line and then hit the metal guardrail.

Why in the world is this driver filming his Model 3? Well, because he's an awful driver, of course. But that doesn't take away from the fact that something went a bit wrong here. As you'll hear in the video, at 46 seconds or so, there's an Autopilot disengage warning, but the car continues on at speed, rather than disengaging cruise control (which should've happened, we believe).

The driver, busy filming, doesn't realize Autopilot turned off and the car proceeds on its own at speed and eventually hits the divider. Perhaps we've interpreted it wrong though? Let us know in comments your thoughts on what happened here.

It's not often we see this sort of possibly faulty action with a Tesla anymore these days, though it was rather common in the beginning. However, there are always these edge-case scenarios when the unexpected happens and that's precisely why the driver should always be on the ready to take over control.

Watch as this Tesla Model 3, claimed to be on Autopilot drifts over the line before it smashes into the metal guardrail on the highway.

Video description and some comments via Ying ShineShine on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 accident filmed by driver/stupid! Don’t do it!

It’s not the first time autopilot goes on the emergency lane “thinking” it’s a normal lane. I didn’t pay attention this time.
 This got me sad for the past two days. But it could be worse - I could’ve died, hit another vehicle, cause much bigger damages than right now. The car is fully functional a second later. Very sturdy I must say. I am still loyal to tesla. Elon don’t worry

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