A motorcycle blows by a Tesla Model 3 but then sparks fly and the bike goes up in smoke. It seems a part flew off the bike and punctured a hole in the bike's engine.

There's not a lot to go on from the video, but we can see that the Model 3 was travelling at a decent rate of speed, which indicates that the motorcycle was moving very fast as it passed by.

Soon after passing, sparks fly from the motorcycle and then a very thick plume of smoke cuts off our view. The motorcycle is said to be a Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R, which is among the fastest of motorcycles anywhere in the world.

What we can't determine is what part on the bike let loose. However, Teslarati got in touch with the Model 3 driver and notes the following:

As noted by Hoogendoorn in a message to Teslarati, the component of the bike that broke off during the incident actually punched a hole through the engine...

Fortunately, the bike driver was able to keep control of his GSX1300R during the incident. By the time the Model 3 owner caught up to the smoking, broken, bike, the rider was already getting off his vehicle, shaken but otherwise unharmed.

The motorcycle rider was very lucky that it ended without catastrophe.

Video description on YouTube:

Motorbike engine failure.

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