We wouldn't have expected the car to roll so easily.

Let's hope everyone escaped this violent rollover crash unscathed.

It appears as though a red-light runner proceeds through the intersection and crashes into a small to mid-size crossover/SUV. It's kinda hard to make out the two vehicles involved in the crash, but the one that was T-boned quickly flipped onto its top.

Several onlookers quickly jumped into action to assist those potentially injured in the wreck.

Watch this video clip of a dramatic two-car rollover crash that was captured on camera by a Tesla. What surprises us the most is just how easily that one car rolled onto its side and then its top. This likely would not be the case with an electric car with its heavy and low positioned battery pack. In fact, the Model X has proven itself almost impossible to roll. Perhaps a case can be made for the safety of high-riding EVs.

Video description via Terrence Kunstek on YouTube:

Accident recorded using Tesla Cam.


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