A Tesla Model 3 stops just in time for halted traffic in front of it, but then a big truck comes crashing into the Model 3 from behind.

Upon watching this clip, you'll see that the Tesla is following the pickup truck in front of it too closely. This means that as traffic halts, the Model 3 basically performs a panic stop and just barely manages to come to a full halt a foot or so behind the pickup in front.

Even though the Model 3 stops just in time, the much larger and heavier truck behind it can not. As the truck hits the rear of the Model 3, it pushes it forward and almost into the pickup truck ahead.

The video clip concludes by showing what's surely some substantial damage that will be very costly to repair.

Though the driver of the Model 3 is not at fault here, this sort of accident can typically be prevented by providing more distance between the car you're driving and the vehicle immediately in front. 

Video description via Kris M on YouTube:

Rear Ended by Rooms-To-Go delivery van/contractor.


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