Why did the truck driver do that?

A driver of a large truck pulls out in front of a Tesla Model 3 on purpose thereby cutting the vehicle off. The Model 3 slams the brakes to stop just in time.

It seems clear to us that the actions of the truck driver were intentional. Surely we've seen our fair share of drivers and others who intentionally target Teslas for reasons beyond our ability to comprehend.

But more often than not, the Tesla targeting is some sort of act of vandalism and not an attempt to possibly cause a crash.

As you'll see in the video, a crash certainly would've occurred had the Model 3 driver not acted fast, so in a way then, the truck driver almost has to expect his actions to result in the destruction of the Model 3 and possibly injury of any occupants. This, to us, is simply unacceptable behavior, so let's hope the reckless truck driver gets caught.

That sure does look like a company/commercial truck too, so maybe we can identify it and help get one more horrible driver out from behind the wheel.

Video description via TJ Seitenbach on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 cutoff by truck

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