After period of about two years of double-digit year-over-year growth of plug-in electric car sales, Sweden slowed down in July and August.

Past month, 2,487 new passenger plug-in car registrations was enough only for a 4% increase, although the market share still remains strong 9% (11% for the year).

Considering that diesel sales are down 30% (August), Sweden is clearly navigating towards more environmenataly friendly vehicles.

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – August 2019


In terms of models, the most popular choice in Sweden are plug-in hybrids from Japan and South Korea, although the leading European BEVs like Tesla Model 3 and Renault ZOE tries to keep up to pace.

The three best-selling models in August were:


Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – August 2019 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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