Did Tesla ever see it coming? We are not sure, but Smart Summon racing is now officially a thing. At least after the Franky & Yvonne YouTube channel put two Tesla Model 3 and two Tesla Model S to compete in the video above.

The video itself seems to have no objective apart from nice shootings of the vehicles in a short trip their owners took to “the mountains”. There is no info on which mountains they are talking about, nor when it happened. If you are familiar with them, you can let us know where the Tesla cars went for a ride.

At 1:15, all the four Tesla vehicles are aligned and put to compete in Smart Summon Mode. The idea is to see which of them got to its owner at a faster pace. Even if limited to 4 mph, as a video from the Like Tesla channel already showed us.

It is a good idea to check the video just to figure out which of the cars performed best. The people that “sponsored” the competition do not seem to have reached a verdict. For what we have seen, our impression is that the first white Model 3 is the first to get where it was supposed to get but by a very small margin. A white Model S – the third car from the videomaker’s perspective – could also have beaten the others.

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Will this sort of thing help Tesla develop a more robust Smart Summon Mode when it gets to the wide release phase? Will it become a trend among Tesla owners, especially the beta testers that already have access to this feature?

Regarding the legal aspects involved, it seems parking lots, being private areas, are not subject to regulations apart from the ones established by their owners. So we have two options: either they will become free territory for the development of the Summon feature or we will have shopping malls and other parking lot owners limit or even forbid cars to run on Smart Summon Mode. Which one of these options do you think will prevail? Let us read your thoughts below.

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