Watch this video showing a Toyota Prius that runs a red light and then smashes into another Prius. It was captured on camera by a Tesla Model 3.

It's never wise to run a red light and this video shows us precisely why. As you'll see in the brief clip, a Prius travelling ahead of the Model 3 decides to not stop at the light. As the car goes through the intersection, it gets hits by another Prius.

With TeslaCam always on the lookout, who's at fault in accidents such as this one is easily determined and the footage can often be used to prove who was in the wrong.

It's not entirely clear from the footage if the red-light-running Prius driver was distracted or just though he/she could make it through the intersection despite the red light.

Video description via Timothy Nguyen on YouTube:

8/29/2019 in Newbury Park (CA) at about 12 pm Prius runs red light and gets hit by another Prius. Captured on my Model 3's built-in front camera. If more video is needed for evidence just DM me.

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