Simple living is a nice life philosophy, but would you be able to do that in a Tesla Model X? There is at least one person that is and the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel found him one of these days. And shot the nice video ahead with Carson, an Army veteran that also used to work for Tesla. For two years.

After watching the video, you will surely ask yourself why isn’t Carson still at the company. He is such a passionate guy about the company he would surely go after possible saboteurs in the company. Since Tyson Park suspects 25 percent of all the people in Tesla is dedicated to ruining the business, he would have plenty of work to do.

Carson does not live that passion just for the talks. He is covered in Tesla logos and goods that make reference to the company. Official or not. He has even put a lot of effort into getting some of these official products on eBay, paying a lot of money to get them.

We know the Tesla Model X can turn into a comfortable bed. That can even become a business, as the guys from Teslička already taught us. But would you manage to live in one, as Carson does?

2. Tesla Model X

It is interesting to see the solutions he has adopted to do that. And the advantages he believes he has despite the apparent lack of convenience this idea may pose to most people. Apart from the safety concern involved even with Sentry mode trying to keep things registered.

Watch the video – which is entertaining as usual coming from Rich Rebuilds – see what Carson has done, all the swag he collects, and share your thoughts about everything related to this with us. Tesla, you should hire this guy again. He would not be an employee. He would be a brand ambassador!

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