It comes as no surprise that automakers can update infotainment systems or other cabin electronics via software updates. We've become accustomed to this due to the widespread use of smartphones. However, most automakers require you to visit a dealership for such updates.

Tesla has the ability to provide software updates "over the air." Moreover, as we've pointed out time and time again, the Silicon Valley automaker can initiate updates to much more than just infotainment features. Take, for instance, safety features. Tesla Autopilot continues to be upgraded via the OTA system. The automaker can also improve performance via these updates.

Just the other day we reported about an update for the Tesla Model S and Model X Raven ("not-a-refresh") vehicles. It deals with the suspension system and improves ride comfort at speeds in excess of 160 km/h (100 mph). 

Now, Tesla has rolled out another related update that helps at high speeds. According to the automaker, it improves driving dynamics for Raven vehicles. Like most of Tesla's OTA updates, there are also some minor improvements for other vehicles.

Tesla's release notes for software update 2019.32 (via Electrek):

We have improved the driving dynamics of your vehicle under heavy acceleration.

The latest Model S key fob was updated as well:

An update is now available for Model S key fob (v2). to update key fobs, follow the instructions displayed when tapping Controls > Service > Key FOB Update. This update fixes bugs and improves security.

This makes perfect sense since there have been recent reports of Tesla thefts involving key fob vulnerability. 

The latest update initiates some other minor changes to non-Raven Model S and X vehicles, as well as the Model 3. One such update will add a status bar to notify owners of such updates, along with details.

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