Tesla Model 3 owner Steve Widick was simply on his way home from work and picking up dinner when his phone alerted him that Sentry Mode was activated. This meant his Tesla was likely being broken into. Not long after the initial alert, he was notified that the system's alarm was on as well.

Widick wasn't far from his car, so he raced over to it to see what had happened. Sadly, he found a broken passenger window and glass all over the seat inside the Model 3. Widick also noticed that his laptop was missing.

The Tesla owner called the police and they came to the scene promptly. Fortunately, Widick had the car's Sentry Mode videos as evidence. The footage revealed two thieves, their faces, and the license plate of their getaway car.

Thus far, one man has been identified by the Fairfield police department. An officer explained that the thief has previous warrants out for his arrest. The second man has yet to be identified.

The officer spoke to KCRA News about the situation. He said was shocked by the clarity of the Sentry Mode video and admitted that it was an asset to the investigation.

Video Description via KCRA News on YouTube:

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves break into Tesla in Fairfield

Fairfield police credited a Tesla's in-car camera system with helping them identify one of two people seen casing the car before smashing a window and stealing a laptop. The smash and grab occurred Tuesday night around 6:30 in a parking lot near Interstate 80 and Travis Boulevard. Get the full story in the video above.

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