This odd-looking steering wheel is available as an aftermarket part for the Tesla Model 3. Do you approve of this crazy design? Or is it too over the top?

For certain, it's a polarizing look, but if it suits your style then this video is certainly worth a watch as it walks you through the removal/install process provides a lot of detail on both the steering wheel and the Model 3.

We prefer the stock Model 3 wheel over this radical aftermarket item. Why? Well, the standard wheel comes with the car, whereas this unit will set you back some $1,600. Secondly, it must be difficult to get used to the fact that the wheel is missing a big section. What if you grab air rather than the wheel when trying to react quickly?

The aftermarket is full of Model 3 accessories (some of the very best are found here), but this is one item we'd probably stay away from. The stock wheel is fine as is, but to each his/her own.

Video description via DÆrik on YouTube:

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The New Tesla Model 3 Steering Wheel!

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