We're not sure why, but this Tesla Model 3 stopped for no apparent reason and then was immediately rear-ended.

More often than not, we feature TeslaCam videos showing accident involving other cars. This particular video is a bit different in that it's not captured by the Tesla, but rather catches a Tesla getting rear-ended.


As we prefaced above, it's not clear why the Model 3 abruptly stopped. The most likely assumption would be that the driver was distracted, perhaps by cell phone usage. However, it could've been the Tesla stopping itself too, though that seems less likely.

Regardless, the driver of the Model 3 is responsible for causing this wreck, though in rear-end accidents, usually the driver of the car that does the rear-ending is found to be at fault. Perhaps this video will be used to prove otherwise.

Watch the video clip above and let us know in comments if you can spot why the Model 3 stopped.

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