You bought your electric car in order not to pollute the environment and also to save some money. But you often have to hear those guys that have not even made the effort to inform themselves properly that your EV is dirtier than an ICE car. There is a way to definitely dismiss this sort of conversation: by installing solar panels in your house. And eventually getting rid of your power bill in the process.

This is what Sean Mitchell tells us in this video with one of his real-estate clients. Mitchell helped him find the ideal home for the installation of a Tesla Solar System with 30 panels, each being a 330W Panasonic panel. All of them together are able to generate 9,900W, or 9.9 kW. With a 10 kW inverter.

Ever since, the owner of the house managed to not spend a single penny on electric energy. But he has to pay monthly installments of $225 for a 10-year financing of $30,600 for the whole Tesla Solar System.

He believes he would be paying more for power if he did not have the solar panels installed. And also that he will eventually just have free energy as soon as the financing is over. Which may be true if the panels last more than ten years without a lot of need for maintenance.

Tesla Begins Solar Roof Ramp Up At Gigafactory 2

There are some interesting aspects of having such a system. If you are generating your own electric energy and have more than you actually need, for example, the energy provider may not pay you a lot of money for the extra.

They will probably pay you a lot less than what they charge you for the power they provide. And a lot may be a euphemism.

Does it pay off to spend that much money on solar panels? Watch the video and find out what Mitchell's client has to say about that.

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Photo by: Vanja Kljaic
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