This crazy tuned Nissan 370Z twin-turbo boasts some 950 horsepower, so the stock Tesla Model S 100D shouldn't stand a chance against it. Even the video uploader seems to admit that the Model S is wildly out of its league here.

Regardless, it's still an interesting race to watch, though a bit unfair. We hope the next step will be to get a Tesla Model S P100D to go up against this 370Z. That may well be a fairer match up. However, this tuned Nissan is a beast, so even that version Model S may not be its match.

Grab a look at the video. The racing action starts just after the 2-minute mark. Even though the Model S is way down on power compared to the 370Z, it actually keeps pace better than you might expect, though in the rolling race it's a different story.

Video description via Sam Car Legion on YouTube:

Tesla Model S vs Nissan 370Z Twin Turbo Quarter Mile Drag Race And Roll


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