No contest. One makes it down the strip in under 11 seconds, while the other does it in the 14-second range.

You'd think Challenger owners would learn that trying to beat a Tesla on the strip is not a wise choice. However, there's still sort of a strange rivalry between the Tesla Model S and the Dodge Challenger. The reason we say strange is that it really makes no sense for a number of reasons. Number one of which is that the Tesla almost always wins.

Nonetheless, time and time again we see this matchup resurface. Dodge went so far as to produce an even quicker variant of the Challenger - the Demon - in an attempt to finally top the Tesla Model S P100D, but when it didn't seal the deal, the automaker added a disclaimer, which all but admits that the Tesla is quicker.

As you can see in the video above, the SRT gets a solid start. Either that, or the Tesla is actually a bit slow off the line this time. How much difference does that make in the end?

Watch this quarter-mile drag race that pits a Tesla Model S up against a Dodge Challenger SRT. One vehicle does the quart in under 11 seconds. The other...

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