No more mysterious hit and runs with Tesla Sentry Mode watching.

This parked Tesla was backed into by a Chevrolet Tahoe in Detroit. The Tahoe driver exited his car to see if there was any damage and then fled the scene. However, both he and the license plate number of the Tahoe were both caught on camera.

We have to assume the Tesla was damaged by the tow hitch of the Tahoe. However, it's quite likely the Tahoe escaped unscathed.

Some people think some of Tesla's tech features are "gimmicky." While that could surely be said about a handful of silly features like fart mode or romance mode, most of the updates Tesla has pushed through have proven quite helpful. Such is true of both TeslaCam and Tesla Sentry Mode.

Tesla's Sentry Mode "watches" over the car using the Autopilot cameras. You can set it up to alert you if it is activated and also to record events like the hit and run seen here in this video.

Video description via Russ Sarguis on YouTube:

7.20.2019 @ 10:20 pm

Michigan Plate: DVG 0073

Chevy Tahoe

Location: South side of Seldon St. 100’ west of Cass


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