If you have still not heard about Gruber Motors, that is definitely not our fault. Or of the Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel, which is publishing a very interesting series of videos on the enterprise, specialized in bringing dead Tesla cars back to life. Especially the Tesla Roadster. This video will allow you to know more about it than you probably should.

Gruber Motors help us learn the first Tesla in history had a battery pack with 11 sheets of batteries. And that these sheets can be individually checked for problems and eventually replaced. Gruber seems to be working on a way to create brand-new battery sheets.

The Roadster was the first electric car with a usable range, but its current limitations are a testimony on how much electric cars have evolved in general and Tesla units in particular. A Model 3 does not even seem to have been made by the same company that made this BEV with Lotus elements.

The video also brings lots of tips on how to deal with the Roadster in order not to have its battery pack bricked. Or to avoid it from overheating. It is a sort of instruction you only get from people that deal with such cars on a day to day basis. 

Ever Wonder Why Musk Considered The Original Tesla Roadster A Failure?

Perhaps these guys know more about the Roadster than the guys that built and designed them. And not because they are brighter, but because they have time on their side. Years after the cars were built, they now know what wears off. What breaks. What gets dirty. And so forth.

If you happen to have a Tesla Roadster, or plan to have one, or even if you just want to know more about it, this is a video you cannot miss. There are some parts here that were already on the first one, but probably in order for you to be able to watch them independently. Enjoy and share your comments with us!

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