This highly modified Tesla pickup truck was born as a Model S, but now it hauls gear and kicks...

We've seen no shortage of converted Teslas. For example, a Model 3 was recently turned into something called Truckla and that Model S hearse is to die for too.

But this radical Tesla truck is a bit more of a homegrown sort (very crude and unfinished) of project and it was done for a purpose. The purpose? To move around some bikes in an electric car (umm...pickup) It's called Teslamino and we've featured it previously on InsideEVs (details here), but we've never seen it doing donuts like crazy, smashing walls and burning tires like this.

Check out this video of Teslamino going berserk. Of course, there are some looks inside and at what motivates the truck too, but c'mon now, we're really just interested in watching it get driven in some totally insane ways, right?

Video description via Hoonigan Daily Transmission on YouTube:

Spoiler alert, this is actually the first-ever Truckla.

Check out EV West's posts about this thing, vs when the other thing came out. Except this one was born out of necessity - the necessity of a man who just wanted to haul around his dirtbikes with class and stealthiness. We respect that kind of dedication to the game.


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