Check out this slickly redesigned Tesla Model S 2-door convertible. Would this be the open-top car of your dreams? We'd prefer the upcoming Tesla Roadster in convertible form over this Model S, but if space within is a priority, then perhaps this Model S would be your choice.

Ever wonder what a 2-door Model S convertible might look like? Well, wonder no more. From the same renderer who redid the Jaguar I-Pace comes this 2-door Model S convertible and we must admit we quite like it, provided no top is your sort of thing.

Grab a look at the video and then let us know what you think in comments of this topless model S.

Video description via TheSketchMonkey on YouTube:

What would the Tesla Model S look like as a two door convertible? Introducing the Tesla Model S Convertible, the perfect California cruiser. Add me on Instagram: TheSketchMonkey

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