The British government considers a new requirement of a mandatory charging point for all new homes with a dedicated car parking space to future proof electrification.

We are not entirely sure whether they mean pre-wiring of the parking spot, which would be clever, or a full charging station installation, which probably would be unnecessary until the owner switches to electric.

Another idea is to secure smart charging capability in private charging stations, so the charging could be postponed to off-peak periods every time a utility is struggling with peak demand.

"This means an electric vehicle would charge at different times of the day in response to signals, such as electricity tariff information. This would encourage off-peak charging, keeping costs down for consumers."

The last upcoming change, scheduled for Spring 2020, is obligatory debit or credit card payment option for DC fast-charging stations (often called rapid chargers in the UK). Many of those installed in Europe are using RFID card authorization or smartphone app, so it could be tricky to upgrade older chargers.

"In a raft of announcements to support the uptake of EVs, the Government has also promised that all public rapid chargers will be credit/debit card friendly by Spring 2020. Company Car BIK tax rates have also been confirmed with benefits for EV drivers.

The proposals aim to support and encourage the growing uptake of electric vehicles in the UK by ensuring that all new homes with a dedicated car parking space are built with an electric chargepoint."

Source: LowCVP

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