Bollinger is very close to making its cars official presentation. Soon we will be able to see the B1 and the B2 in person, but the company has already shown us the 3-door prototype and – unadvertedly – also part of the B2 while it is being built. In the video above.

Although it is meant to show how the transaxle of Bollinger’s vehicles is produced, the video also reveals the left side of the electric pickup truck. It is basically what allowed us to determine the identity of the prototype. There is still a lot of work ahead for these guys.

Concerning the transaxle, it is a 2-speed gearbox that can be used at low speeds, on the fly, probably as a reduction box to face off-road trails and obstacles. From an off-the-shelf solution, Bollinger migrated to something the company has designed and built.

If you like mechanics, even in an electric vehicle, you will probably love to see the gears assembly and each step required to put the transaxle together. It is the sort of thing that makes you want to study engineering or to fix your car yourself.

Bollinger B2 Prototype Appears In Video – Part Of It, At Least

Close to the end of the video is when you notice that the prototype in which the transaxle has been installed will probably have a bed. And you end hearing that “it will last forever”. Something Land Rover Defender units have been managing to do since the 1950s, but it is good to know an electric truck will probably be able to repeat the feat.

Apart from this video, we strongly advise you to visit Bollinger’s channel on YouTube and to watch the other four videos they currently have there. Two of them with other images of the prototypes.

Video Description via Bollinger Motors on YouTube:

CJ walks us through the new gearbox assemblies for the B1 Electric Sport Utility Truck and B2 Electric Pickup Truck.

Gallery: Bollinger B2 Prototype Appears In Video – Part Of It, At Least

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