In an older episode of Guy Martin's TV  show, he tries to build his own robotic Ford Transit. He also wants to learn more about the Tesla Model S and its artificial intelligence, Tesla Autopilot, and features in general. Martin asks, "What's fastest, man or machine?"

Martin pits the futuristic, electric "robot" car against his own, customized, turbocharged Volvo. It's a 1967 model that he once claimed was the fastest car in the UK. Is it faster than a Tesla though? 

If you're not familiar with Guy Martin, he hails from Britain. He spends his time racing motorcycles and working on big trucks. In addition, Martin has become a popular TV show host with a focus on engineering projects.

The above video is a brief clip from the full episode. It just focuses on the Model S vs. Volvo portion. To watch the entire show, follow the link in the video description.

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Video Description via Guy Martin Proper on YouTube:

Tesla Drag Race - Guy's custom turbo Volvo VS The Model S | Guy Martin Proper

Guy Martin investigates autonomous vehicles, attempts to build a robotic Ford Transit, and takes on an artificially intelligent race car. What's fastest, man or machine? In this clip, Guy races Tesla's model S against his custom turbo Volvo. To watch the full show, click here -

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