A few Discount Tire employees thought that a Tesla Model 3 on the tire shop's lot was fair game to enter even though the tire store was closed. Legal? Illegal? You make the call.

Presumably, if this video was submitted to the Discount Tire manager, all three employees would be out of a job. However, we're not sure if it was used as evidence of foul play.

Regardless, the video captures what should be considered wrongful treatment of a car in for repairs/replacements.

As you'll see in the video, those curious Discount Tire employees enter the Model 3 to take a look around. It's not just one employee either, but rather several join in on checking out the Tesla. On one hand, we supposed we should be thrilled that they are so interested in the electric car. On the other hand, we certainly wouldn't want our car randomly entered at will while at the tire shop.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Video description via Bobanalog on YouTube:

Got a flat tire, towed my car to Discount Tire and ordered a replacement. Took a couple days to get in stock. Three employees entered the car after hours and had a look around.



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