Tesla just registered another batch of 25,336 new VIN numbers for Tesla Model 3, which is the highest single batch since late April.

Reportedly, 82% of those are all-wheel drive versions, 70% are International (outside of the U.S.) and 20% are right-hand drive.

In total, Tesla already registered almost 475,000 VIN numbers for Model 3, while the total production through the end of June exceeded 291,000 (over 276,000 cars were delivered). The difference between VINs and production is currently roughly 184,000.

As you can see on the chart below, there is a pattern of volume VIN registrations every first month of a quarter. In July, we expect more VINs to be registered.


The cumulative number of VINs for the AWD Model 3 is almost 208,000, while RWD is nearly 267,000.

The total number of International VIN is approaching 130,000, including over 11,000 right-hand drive.


Source: Model 3 VINs

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