It's a bird. It's a plane. No wait, that's just a flying hood or maybe a front fender.

TeslaCamcam captures all sorts of wild and crazy things.

This latest clip is one of the weirdest we've seen thus far. The video title didn't provide us with much in the way of a hint of what to expect, but as soon as we hit play, the craziness serviced.

It appears as though we're at first simply watching perhaps an overloaded tow truck, but then, out of seemingly nowhere, a hood or front fender takes to the air. The Tesla camera captures the body part as it takes to flight and tumbles in the air a few times before striking the nearby semi truck.

It seems the part flew off the van that's behind the tow truck. It doesn't appear to come off the vehicle behind towed on the bed of the tow truck. Of course, the tow truck driver is at fault here as he/she didn't secure the load, but it's quite likely the tow truck driver didn't even notice the lost part until later on.


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