Elon Musk joined today a Twitter thread about new Tesla prices, including that some versions of the Model 3 are now significantly cheaper than 8 months ago, which means the residual value will be lower.

Elon Musk's response to an "appreciating assets" reference was that when the cars will be able to drive by themselves and become robo taxi utility vehicles, their market value will go up to $100,000-$200,000 (probably depending on the version and the market).

"If we make all cars with FSD package self-driving, as planned, any such Tesla should be worth $100k to $200k, as utility increases from ~12 hours/week to ~60 hours/week


Tesla intends to charge a certain percentage fee for every ride by a robo taxi when the service is launched.


And one more reminder by Elon Musk - the full self-driving option will be more expensive by $1,000 from August 16, 2019. That is despite it's not yet even being released.

By increasing the price of the "to be developed" feature, Tesla sends a sign that it's the real deal. Well, many of us will probably stay cautious before the technical demonstration and new laws, which are required to allow for full autonomous driving.


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