It seems most gas-powered cars are no match for Tesla traction control tech

As we've explained time and time again, the instant torque of electric cars works together with modern traction control to a level that has not yet been seen in most (if any) gas-powered cars. Sure, ICE car traction control has improved significantly over the years, but the technology just marries much better with electric motors. Not to mention the low, even center of gravity that comes from having a "skateboard" battery pack.

The above is especially true with all-wheel-drive electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 with dual motors. In order to test a car's traction control, it gets put on rollers. We've shared the Model 3's success with such tests in the past, and the video above proves even further that the small electric sedan is not going to slip very easily.

If you check out the YouTube channel entitled duszaniespokojna - 4x4 tests on rollers, you'll see that they focus on testing a wide variety of vehicles. However, many are off-road SUVs and/or vehicles that one might use to leave the pavement.

Clearly, the Tesla Model 3 is not intended to be used as an off-roader. In fact, we advise against it since it will probably incur damage quickly. However, in terms of its torque and traction control, it could arguably compete with some top dogs in the off-road world. That is, for a few minutes until it's trashed due to its low ride height and lack of design necessary for such feats.

This is precisely why we can't wait for the Tesla Pickup Truck and future offerings from Rivian Automotive.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via duszaniespokojna - 4x4 tests on rollers on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD - 4x4 test on rollers