The automotive industry needs to develop better plug-in offerings to compete with Tesla

Tesla is currently a dominant player in the plug-in segment in U.S. While some people say it's not in a healthy situation, its sales speak volumes when compared to non-Tesla vehicles in the segment.

Overall plug-in sales in U.S. increased, but here we specifically check in on the non-Tesla sales. Is there really any growth?



Non-Tesla all-electric car sales

All-electric car sales are on the rise and thankfully new BEVs are also progressing, which sooner or later should factor into all-time records (most likely later this year).

In June:

  • BEVs: 30,578 (up 110%)
  • Tesla: 25,700 (up 129%)
  • Non-Tesla BEVs: 4,878 (up 45%)

In H1 2019:

  • BEVs: 106,959 (up 64%)
  • Tesla: 83,875 (up 90%)
  • Non-Tesla BEVs: 23,084 (up 9.4%)

Tesla shows a huge advantage over rest of the industry because of the Tesla Model 3.


Non-Tesla plug-in car sales

Because plug-in hybrids are in retreat, the overall non-Tesla plug-in sales stats are disappointing. At this point, it's clear that PHEV models need something better or need to be more affordable to attract consumers.

In June:

  • PHEVs: 7,240 (down 31%)
  • Non-Tesla plug-ins (BEVs/PHEVs): 12,118 (down 12%)

In H1 2019:

  • PHEVs: 41,745 (down 29%)
  • Non-Tesla plug-ins (BEVs/PHEVs): 64,829 (down 19%)
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