We've definitely seen some pretty crazy crashes, as well as some complete idiot drivers. However, sometimes it's hard to tell who's at fault in an accident simply by watching a video. In addition, we don't always know for sure what each driver's intentions were, so it can be difficult to place blame. As you can see from the video above, none of this is the case here.

This newest Tesla dash cam (TeslaCam) video should probably get an award for being the craziest one yet. It's 100 percent clear that the driver of the Dodge Durango is driving in an extremely reckless manner. Sadly, it leads to a high-speed, multi-car collision. The other drivers appear to be driving just fine and completely unaware of what is about to occur. We really hope no one was injured. Moreover, we hope this driver ends up in jail.

Video Description via Warren Redlich on YouTube:

Tesla Records Reckless Driving Crash

High speed collision in Maryland recorded by a Tesla Model 3's cameras. Dodge Durango passes at high speed on the right in via a merge lane and then crashes into multiple cars.

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