The Tesla Model 3 Performance has proven itself as a pretty fantastic track car. However, that's to be expected due to its name, dual motors, ridiculous acceleration, and high price tag. So, how does a less expensive, single-motor, non-performance Model 3 manage?

The Smoking Tire got to take the Tesla out on the track during a recent charity event. They made a deal with its owner that they'd donate to the cause for an opportunity to "destroy" his Model 3 on the track.

As you'll see, they don't destroy the car at all. But, they do drive it quite a bit and there's lots of interesting dialogue. The consensus is that the Model 3's performance on the track is very unexpected, in a good way. The Smoking Tire is shocked by its torque and handling, among other things.

Check out the video to see how the Model 3 performs. Then, scroll down and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Video Description via The Smoking Tire on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 on Track! - One Take

How does the REGULAR Tesla Model 3 handle a big road course? What will it say about the future of electric driving?

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is the one that gets all the headlines: AWD, 2 motors, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds from a car that starts at $59,000. But what about the regular Model 3 Standard? The one with 1 motor and 258hp (equivalent)? How does it perform on a track? And what does it tell us about the future of cars?

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