Sometimes, it's wise to accelerate rather than to brake to avoid a crash. This is one of those situations and the Model 3's amazing torque saves the day.

It's quite a crazy clip here as a car careens off the wall and then veer into oncoming traffic. Iit takes direct aim at the Model 3 and it seems like a collision is imminent.

However, the very attentive Tesla driver notices the car coming towards him and rather than slamming on the brakes (the typical response) he claims he smashes the accelerator to avoid the wreck.

It's unknown if Autopilot would've reacted to this car coming at the Tesla and the driver admits he disengaged Autopilot to take over controls.

Grab a look at the clip above to see this amazing save.

Video description via Joel T on YouTube:

I took over auto-pilot as soon as I realized that car was coming for me off the wall. I hit the accelerator to the floor and steered left twice. The first steer was to break auto-pilot without hitting

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