Not long ago, we published an article sharing the new BMW i8 Formula E safety car. The handsome, track-ready plug-in features a new rear wing and a shortened front windscreen. Now, we get to see it in the midst of some pretty sweet action as it races a sailing yacht in Monaco.

BMW put together a brief but fantastic video showcasing the challenge. Formula E safety car driver Bruno Correia pilots the i8 while vice president of “Yacht Club de Monaco” Pierre Casiraghi counts on the power of wind to deliver him to the harbor first.

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Regardless of whether or not you're a BMW i8 fan, the footage and imagery in this video are truly stunning. There's also a little unexpected twist at the end, so make sure you watch the whole video. As always, we'd love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via BMW Motorsport on YouTube:

Pierre vs. Bruno: The Race – BMW i Motorsport.

The race is on! Bruno Correia vs. Pierre Casiraghi. One in the new ABB FIA Formula E safety car, the BMW i8 Roadster – the other powered by the unbridled power of the wind itself. Their goal: The picture-perfect port of Monaco.

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Source: BMW Motorsport via BMWBLOG

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