Hyundai Kona Electric noted almost 4,500 sales in May. Could be better if not for constraints.

Sales of Hyundai plug-in electric cars stabilized month-over-month in May at 6,681, but the growth year-over-year is still tremendous - 174%.

Compared to the overall volume, the share of plug-ins amounted to 4.3%. So far this year, total sales already exceed 30,500.

Around two-thirds of the result comes from Kona Electric - 4,459 in May and 19,303 YTD. We guess sales could be way higher if only Hyundai would be able to produce more.

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In May, Hyundai sold also a record number of 513 NEXO hydrogen fuel cell cars (461 in South Korea), which for the very first time (for any manufacturer) reached a share of 0.3% (in overall volume).

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – May 2019


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