When we first learned that Alex Dykes, of Alex on Autos fame, purchased his very own Tesla Model 3, we were excited. This is because prior to that, Dykes hadn't review Tesla vehicles. We've been waiting for years for his official take on the Silicon Valley automaker and its vehicles. Dykes admitted right away that he wouldn't be keeping the popular all-electric sedan, but we didn't think he'd sell it so soon.

Alex on Autos officially reported that the Model 3 is sold. It's not uncommon for automotive reviewers to purchase a car, spend some time reviewing it, and then sell it. However, we'd hoped that this would be a long-term situation. It would have been nice to have Dykes reporting on the Model 3 over the course of a full year.

While we're sure Dykes may have kept the Tesla if he could have, he admitted that he had to move on. In addition, he explained that if the car was a Tesla Model Y, he probably would have kept it. Let's hope that Alex on Autos purchases a Model Y in the future, and it becomes a permanent fixture for the trusted automotive reviewer.

Video Description via Alex on Autos on YouTube:

We Sold The Tesla!

The Model 3 is now gone. Why did we sell it? Because we completed our reviews and it was time to move on. Why didn't we keep it: because it isn't a Model Y. Had this been Tesla's compact crossover, we probably would have kept it.

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