As stated above, this situation could have played out much worse if the biker decided to really take action against the Tesla. Instead, he simply tapped the side mirror of the Tesla Model 3 as an indication that he wasn't happy about something. The video description, as well as other articles on the subject, say that the Model 3 was "attacked" or "hit."

While the above isn't completely true, the motorcyclist should have never touched the Model 3 or sped past it and cut it off. Road rage incidents are now rampant on our U.S. roadways. Thankfully, this one is minimal at best.

Still, as electric vehicles begin to take to the roads on a more regular basis and autonomous driving becomes more prevalent, it will surely be interesting to see how people react. Hopefully, the times change quickly.

We'd love to know if you've experienced hate on the roadways due to driving an electric car, or more specifically, a Tesla vehicle.

Video Description via York Hong on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 attacked by Motorcyclist on I-880 Freeway

Was attacked by a motorcyclist on I-880 freeway today. Video is taken using Tesla model 3 built-in Dashcam feature.

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