It's truly crazy to watch many of the videos that Tesla owners have captured using TeslaCam (standard, built-in dashcam). We're not surprised by the plethora of bad drivers out there, but we still just can't believe what we see in some of these videos.

While we'll never know what could have happened, it seems that the semi in this video would have likely ripped a car in half had the timing worked out just a slight bit differently. Thankfully, no one was hurt here.

It's not that uncommon to see large semi trucks sneak through a light that is just about to turn red. While this may be seen as a terrible and unsafe practice, there's often a whole lot of weight in tow, so it may be very difficult to stop at the last minute. Not to mention that this is a combination vehicle, so regardless of weight, the potential for a jackknife or rollover situation is much higher.

Unlike some cars, the semi is not going to be able to instantly speed up at the last second to get through the yellow, so a decision must be made ... go for it and hope you get through, or start braking hard and hope you don't end up stopped in the middle of the intersection?

Clearly, this semi driver didn't have to make such a decision. The light was yellow long before the truck got near the intersection and it was red for a time prior to passing through. There was no slowing, hesitation, or acceleration. Instead, the driver just barreled through the light and nearly hit a car that was making a last-minute left on yellow.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, all cars will offer built-in dashcams. Just like any new feature, it will probably be offered first as an option in luxury cars, as well as mainstream automakers' more expensive vehicles. Later, it will become standard and work its way down the lineup to the least expensive offerings.

Video Description via Tommy Campbell on YouTube:

Teslacam - Semi Runs Full Red

Out with our Model 3 and witnessed this moron. Scary stuff.

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