This Tesla Model S P100DL really impresses on the track, depending on what you enjoy and what mods you employ. Most people are well aware that all Tesla vehicles shine at the drag strip. This is because of their instant and potent battery-electric torque. However, the Model S and Model X have never been top dogs at the twisty track, though the Model 3 has proven its worth.

What if all you needed to do to modify a Model S or X to guarantee super fun twisty track time was was free and simple? We're not talking about any aftermarket products here or software system hacking ... nope. Just pull the right fuse, disengage the vehicles' traction control, and you're off for a day of good, clean fun. However, we suggest you adjust your budget to include new tires!

At any rate, enjoy the video, and, as always, leave us a comment.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Tesla Model S P100DL | Pulling the ESP fuse on our track

About a year ago we went up to see the new Out of Spec proving grounds in North Carolina. This is the video we shot while there... This was without our equipment so bear with us through this one. A lot more EV content coming soon that we will shoot at our track and other locations... Please consider subscribing! Car is a 2017 Model S P100D Ludicrous on 21" Arachnid wheels.

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