Here is a very interesting analysis of the full self-driving video, released by Tesla in April by the way of Tesla Autonomy Day.

The GasTrol video focuses on the display of the Tesla Model 3, which was driving autonomously at  Tesla's Headquarters in Palo Alto. This video shows a lot of details of what's new and of what the car is capable of. Most of us probably didn't notice all of this while watching Tesla's video:

  • New animation of turning
  • The view shifts to above the car when coming to a stop
  • Interface shifts to night mode at sunset
  • It accurately tracks the angle of the lead car
  • Lights turn on, then lane change animation
  • Sides of the road are now shown
  • A blue stripe shows in the lane the car is about to enter
  • Speed limit icon changes to a stop sign icon or a stop light icon
  • System correctly tracks car moving through intersection
  • 2 lane changes one right after the other
  • The car slows when unsure about the cars on the side of the road
  • Turn is identified even though there are no broken lane markings
  • Animation moves smoothly to show the car from above

Tesla intends to perform the first full self-driving cross-country trip later this year. Hopefully, it's really good enough to drive by itself.

Video Description via GasTrol on YouTube:

Full Self Driving Examination Short Version

A closer look at the video Tesla released showing a model 3 driving around Tesla Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA revealed the state of the current test version of Autopilot as of 4-22-19.

This version is just the highlights and focused more on the display.

And here is the long version:

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