Is this long-wheelbase car lift a good buy for owners of Tesla vehicles and other EVs?

If you're into working on your own car or doing modifications, you're going to need the right equipment. When it comes to EVs like Tesla vehicles, sometimes traditional equipment is not the best choice.

Our friend Erik Strait (DAErik) has a pretty sweet Tesla-centric garage that looks much like a showroom. It even features items like a homemade Tesla Supercharger replica.

Strait has shared some of his recent mods lately, which he's been able to accomplish on his own with the help of his friend David. Erik stated in a few earlier videos that he'd hoped to get to a point where he could do more repair, maintenance, and mods on his own. Now, he's purchased an EV quick-jack and a Tesla-specific jack pad tool to aid in the process.

At any rate, check out the video above and leave us a comment in the new Disqus commenting section down below.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Jacked Up Tesla. New EV QuickJack Put to the Test.

Garage Update!! Finally got a lift for the garage! Now I can do a lot of my own modifications. Can't wait to start.

ReverseLogic JackPoint for S,3,X:

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