Tesla owner and YouTuber Brett, The Nerdy Engineer started his EV adventure with a Model X. However, now, it seems he also owns a Model 3. While he loves his Tesla vehicles, he makes it abundantly clear that he has one major issue with the Model 3.

Tesla has seen its fair share of struggles with being a "new" automaker, along with the difficult financial situation that comes with EV production. Thus, it has had to come to terms with the fact that some necessary options are made available, while others are just not in the cards at this point.

One feature that comes standard now on many cars, and is at least available on several models, is wireless smartphone charging. While the Model 3 doesn't yet offer this, there are many aftermarket options available. Brett swears by Nomad's product, which has garnered many positive reviews. You can get one for about $130. Just search for it on Google.

We also like the Jeda Wireless Pad. It's a bit less expensive, at $99, and still receives positive reviews. Very soon, our staff is going to put both products to the test and provide you with some valuable information.

Do you own a Nomad or Jeda wireless charger? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Video Description via The Nerdy Engineer on YouTube:

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