Well, it's probably never going to top carpool karaoke, unless he gets his guests to sing.

In a day and age when it seems just about everyone on the planet is starting a YouTube channel, we appreciate some originality. YouTube is massively popular and podcasts are a huge hit as well. We love to share interviews, since they're often more informative than other videos, however, they can get a bit boring. How about an interview inside a moving Tesla vehicle with Autopilot engaged?

The fact that the car is a nice setting that's different from a studio or someone's home is a welcome change. In addition, while listening to the interview, people will have something else to watch and focus on. Most importantly, if the folks in the video are talking about Tesla vehicles and technology, it just makes sense for them to be in a Tesla with the tech in action, right?

As the Silicon Valley automaker moves into the final stages of development of its Full Self-Driving system, this new channel could prove exciting and informative. We eagerly anticipate the first episode so we can see how it all works out. If it's a success, we'll keep you updated as subsequent podcasts are published.

Video Description via Hands-Free Podcast on YouTube:

World's First Self-Driving Podcast, The Hands-Free Podcast w/ Nico Nevolo

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