Yet another gearhead and racing aficionado will take the EV plunge.

Alejandro Salomon is going electric. A visit to the Formula E race in Monaco appears to have sparked a drastic change in the popular automotive YouTuber. The news is likely a shock to many of the 1.5 million followers of his Salomondrin channel, but that's the story he lays out in the video above (some NSFW language) as he attends the latest race and shares the battery-powered pleasures of the principality perched on the Mediterranean.

Salomon is no stranger to electric vehicles. He has, in the past, owned a Tesla Model X and has raced his Porsche 918 (and lost) against the Rimac Concept_One. Now, though, it appears he's going all-in. Well, almost. He says he will still save one space for a traditionally-powered supercar.

It's been a while since he's motored on battery power, however. Currently, his garage boasts a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Ford Raptor, a custom Gulf-liveried Ford F-150, and a Lincoln Navigator among other things. Recently, though briefly, it also housed a McLaren Senna which caught fire and burned while out for a drive with his wife about a week into ownership. (That incident led him to sell his McLaren 720, Porsche Carrera GT, and Mercedes-AMG GT-R).

Planned future additions to his electric stable include the Rivian R1S and a Tesla Roadster. He would also like a high-end luxury EV sedan to replace the RR Ghost, but doesn't mention a specific model to fill that niche. If you have any suggestions, let us know in Comments.

Also, if you haven't seen the recent Monaco race, check out our InsideEVs Forum thread with all the full-race videos from this (and the previous) season. 

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